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In recent years a diversification strategy has seen activity within the wider renewable energy industry. Acting as a contracted design house, FuturEnergy has developed equipment and processes that evolve ideas into actual products and has led to engagement in a variety of markets.

The in-house design and manufacturing capability, supported by a wide range of equipment such as CNC machining, water-jet cutters, plating and finishing and 3D-scanning, allows FuturEnergy to provide a rapid prototyping and small-scale production service.

FuturEnergy offers a generator design service and supplies bespoke generators to industry, especially where off-the-shelf units are not suitable, with wind, tidal and hydro power applications being key application areas.

Other products and projects are active in areas as diverse as waste to energy, heat recovery and energy generation, concentrated solar-thermal and solar-PV, water desalination systems and organic waste reduction.

Energy from waste systems include equipment that recovers energy from end-of-life tyres, plastics, and organic wastes such as sewage sludge. Gases generated are used to drive gas engine generator sets, with oils either used in the same way, or further processed for use as transport fuels. Residual chars are often valuable products that can be used in co-generation plants or the chemicals industry.

Small scale incineration is an efficient method of waste destruction that often simply vents the heat generated to atmosphere. Significant cost savings are possible by using the waste heat to directly generate electrical energy in FuturEnergy Stirling Power Pack Systems.



Why sponsor?

Sponsoring the Learning Excellence Awards provides a host of branding, marketing, networking and data opportunities in print, online and face-to-face at the event. We are keen to enlist the participation and support of commercial organisations that serve the whole training, learning and development sector.

Sponsorship types

All categories are available to sponsors. In addition there are other opportunities for sponsorship, from the Reception, to the After Glow Tea Party.

Each sponsorship can be customised for an individual sponsor. Sponsors will receive branding and recognition in all promotional activity related to the awards. Please CONTACT US in the first instance to learn about the packages available.

Raising your profile

Associating your brand with the Learning Excellence Awards will generate strong brand recognition within the sector. Your presence at the awards event, where you will present an award in person and host a table will show the sector how important you are within it. 

PR and marketing opportunities

Branding does not begin and end at the event itself. Sponsors can enjoy a whole 12 months of marketing opportunities to the sector ensuring that your brand profile is at the forefront of your customers minds throughout the year. 

Industry leadership

You may already consider yourself as one of the industry’s leaders, or perhaps you are looking to establish yourself as one. Awards sponsorship puts you at the very heart of the sector enabling you to stand out from competitors. 

Business development

We expect some 300 leading sector executives in the room on the day of the awards, so this event is a unique opportunity for a Sponsor and their team to network amongst the industry’s key decision-makers. They can use their sponsorship and the event to host and thank key customers, initiate new business and generate new business relationships and opportunities.

Please CONTACT US now to discuss building a bespoke sponsorship package for your company.